Electric Holden Commodore

EV Engineering is an Australian consortium of automotive industry companies, based out of Melbourne, that are collaborating on a project to demonstrate the viability of a large electric vehicle. With the aim of delivering a car that is capable of being mass produced, they have chosen to convert the conventional (GM) Holden Commodore vehicle to full electric, with minimal impact to the vehicle chassis.

The first phase of the project has been finished and there are now seven electric Holden Commodores being trialled in Australia. We have been taken for a test ride in one of these cars and can attest that the look and feel is fantastic and the performance is superb.

The electric Holden Commodore battery pack using the Tritium IQ BMS

The battery pack in the car fits into the cavity where the engine and transmission are in the standard vehicle and can be swapped out with a freshly charged pack at a switch station. It also has an on-board charging port for when a swap station is not convenient. These battery packs use the IQ Battery Management System supplied by Tritium.

The next planned steps for the EV Engineering team are to do a small-scale production run of 120 vehicles. We are still waiting to hear news of when this might happen, but hopefully it should be soon!


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