Formula SAE – Team Swinburne

Here at Tritium we love seeing our products used in high-performance applications.

The Formula SAE team at Swinburne University of Technology made the decision a couple of years ago to move from a petrol-powered vehicle to an electric vehicle and entered their new car into competition for the first time last year. The new set-up included a WaveSculptor200 driving an induction motor.

The great thing about the Formula SAE competition in Australia is that the electric vehicles compete side-by-side with the petrol vehicles, making it a great opportunity for EVs to demonstrate that their performance is just as good as combustion vehicles.

We look forward to seeing the entry that Team Swinburne is putting together for the next competition and we wish them all the best. You can find more about Team Swinburne on their website or Facebook page.


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