EV Driver Control


The EV Driver Controls is the bridge between the driver and vehicle’s CAN bus. It accepts the driver’s input, displays feedback on the vehicle’s gauges and communicates with the powertrain via the CAN bus. We understand the need for flexibility surrounding these issues – as different vehicles have different driver controls and gauges, and different vehicle designers want different interfaces.

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Driver Controls specifications
Communications CAN Bus
Accelerator Pedal Position Dual potentiometer/hall sensor inputs
Gear Selection Four pushbutton inputs, Four + Backlight LED outputs
Ignition Switch Three voltage/switch inputs
Fuel Door Switch Voltage/switch input
Brake Input Voltage/switch input
Power outputs Two 12V 5.5A outputs for brake and reversing lights
Gauge outputs Four outputs for speedo/tacho and fuel/temp gauges
Fault indication Three LED outputs
Dimensions 130 x 80 x 30mm
Mass 150g

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