Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is set to grow!

Represent an excellent product that has distinct advantages for owners and users in a growing market!

The sleek, award-winning design of the Veefil unit means it can fit neatly at the end of a standard parking bay within existing infrastructure. It’s light weight and easy installation means rollout costs could be significantly lower for large purchases (20 units or more).

Tritium has a proud history of working closely with our customers to realise their technical and business needs, providing them with a more tailored offering.

Because Veefil is white branded, owners can print the unit case with any design they choose and use it as a vehicle for their own promotions, and proudly associate their brand with the coming low-carbon driving revolution!

Tritium has developed a highly-functional and robust back-end software system for monitoring and maintaining networks for Veefil in the field. Veefil is also OCPP compliant and has already been integrated with the Bosch billing system.

Being the only liquid-cooled fast charger makes Veefil more robust than other fast chargers over a wider range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and corrosive conditions. A polycarbonate and aluminium construction ensures long-term stability of the entire enclosure, all of which leads to lower maintenance costs.

Veefil is market ready with UL, CE and RCM compliance. There are attractive Government incentives and funding in many countries today for “green” initiatives, particularly in transport.

Take advantage of the massive growth expected in this sector over the coming years and contact Tritium for more information about the benefits of distributing Veefil.


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