Electric vehicles have a big future

…and electrical vehicle owners need access to fast charging!

In 20141 the EV industry is poised to grow by more than 86% and EV makers will need to work hard to meet demand. Whilst globally there will be 340,000 EVs on the road by the end of 2014, (up from 200,000 at the end of 2013), this is expected to rise to 6.5 million on the road globally by 2020.

Fast chargers are the critical piece of infrastructure that provides the confidence and convenience to EV drivers to enable this growth.

Tritium’s Veefil fast charger has been designed and positioned to offer distinct benefits to owners.

The Veefil offering is a flexible, independent platform, meaning that you have the choice to select the business model, subscription scheme or software that best suits your needs. (Many products now being offered are “tied” to manufacturers, charging systems and back end systems).

So you can invest in Veefil as part of your own business strategy, and tailor the charging network system to your own needs. Veefil is white-branded, so you can design the charger shell to carry your own logo, corporate colours and promotional messages.

Veefil is tipped to be the perfect addition to a portfolio of revenue-earning products for convenience stores, shopping centres, carparks and rental car chains. Do you think you have a location that could average one 10 minute fast charging session per hour? With the price set at $3.50 per 10 minute charging session (approximately 30 miles or 48km), your new Veefil could return 15% net profit. This calculation accounts for all install, capital, finance, electricity, maintenance, telecommunication and software costs. The net profit for this charger utilisation is similar with and without demand charges. Demand charges amplify the effect of utilisation on profitability.

Local grants in your country can assist reducing capital costs and significantly increase profit margins at lower Veefil utilisation.

The Veefil fast charger is much lighter and slimmer than its competition, meaning that any medium to large scale rollout is going to save thousands in shipping and man-hours to install.

For further enquiries about ownership of a Veefil charging network, contact Tritium.

11Q 2014, “Electric Vehicles: 10 Predictions for 2014”, Navigant Research, page 1.


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