Veefil is very easy to use

Moving from petrol powered vehicles to electric will not be a challenge for most users who travel short distances most of the week. An electric vehicle will allow you to travel 150-250km per day, (depending on the car) which is more than enough for most people.

Once you have charged overnight at home, and you suddenly need to make an unplanned longer trip, Veefil fast chargers are designed for the EV driver’s convenience – allowing for additional unplanned travel during the day.

Veefil has a simple, intuitive user interface. Simply select your charging plug and follow the sequence to a fast recharge.

Simple card swipe

Veefil units are equipped with the latest contactless card payment technology.

Supports both popular fast charging standards

Just select the plug type that matches your vehicle: CHAdeMO or CCS (SAE Combo).

Instant charging feedback

The Veefil display shows time remaining, energy delivered and battery level in a very clear and easy to understand manner.

Bright LED lights for high visibility

Veefil’s well lit display panel and integrated down lights make it easy to find and use during the night.


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