WaveSculptor22 Motor Inverter

The WaveSculptor22 motor drive is a high-efficiency, low-weight, three-phase 14kW variable frequency inverter especially designed to drive high-efficiency, low-inductance, permanent magnet motors.

It is a third generation product, with its predecessor, the WaveSculptor20, used by nearly all leading solar racing car teams worldwide, with an excellent reputation for reliability and performance.

Key performance improvements in the new WaveSculptor22 include:

  • 1/2 the power loss
  • 1/4 the weight
  • 1/5 the volume

The WaveSculptor22 provides you with more flexibility and the potential to better integrate the controller into your vehicle. Any heat generated by the motor controller is extracted via a cold plate on the base, giving you the ability to optimise the cooling system for your particular vehicle. This gives you a wide range of options for cooling, from air or liquid, to using the vehicle itself as a heatsink.

The suite of firmware, software and ancillary products that form the WaveSculptor drive system work seamlessly together to make the motor controller easy to configure, and compatible with a wide range of electric motors.

The WaveSculptor22 is built using highly reliable, environmentally friendly lead-free SN100C® solder from Nihon Superior Co., Japan.


PDF documentation for the WaveSculptor22 is available below:

If using a low-inductance motor (eg CSIRO hub motor), extra inductors will be required. A guide to constructing these is below:

The WaveSculptor22 supports the same range of motor interface options as the WaveSculptor200. However, most customers, running a BLDC hub motor, will use a Type 1 interface. The data for this interface is below:


Software for the WaveSculptor22 is available below. This software works with our CAN-Ethernet Bridge:

Pricing & Availability

The WaveSculptor22 is priced at A$6,000 ex GST. Higher volume pricing is available upon request.
Australian residents please add 10% GST.
This price includes everything you need to get up and running with a laptop or PC operating the WaveSculptor:

  • WaveSculptor22 motor drive
  • Motor position / temperature adapter
  • CAN-Ethernet Bridge, power adapter, and 1m CAN cable (one per order)


Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.



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